Cannibal from St. Petersburg and his accomplice charged with murder

The ICR indicted the defendants in the case of a body falling out of the trunk near St. Petersburg. This was reported to “” in the regional department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR).

The investigation established that in St. Petersburg on November 20, in a garage on Laboratornaya Street, two drunken young people quarreled with a man Born in 1971. During the conflict, the defendants stabbed him several times and then decided to dispose of the body. The defendants in the case called a friend in a car and put him in the trunk of the dead man in order to get rid of the body in the forest in the Leningrad region. The defendants set fire to the garage and drove away. However, on the A-121 “Sortavala” highway, the driver of the car lost control and crashed into a road fence, as a result a body fell out of the trunk. The three suspects fled, but they were caught a few hours later. During interrogation, two detainees born in 1998 confessed to the murder, the third accomplice was charged with concealing a crime.

In addition, one of the defendants in the case confessed to a murder committed in St. Petersburg in 2020. We are talking about a resident of Murino, Yegor Komarov, who declared that he was a cannibal. His victim was a 27-year-old broker, whom he attacked in the Sosnovka Park, after which he cut off his tongue and hid his body in a drainage pipe. Komarov, he said, cooked the cut off and ate it because he wanted to taste the taste of human meat. The TFR showed a video of his interrogation.