Britain urged to send migrants 13 thousand kilometers from the country

British Conservatives have proposed sending migrants to the Falkland Islands to offshore centers in the Falkland Islands, 13 thousand kilometers from the country. This is reported by The Guardian.

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“I would be in favor of [using] the Falkland Islands. The only way to alienate these people (migrants – approx. “” ) – inform them that if you come here, you will be sent eight thousand miles away, “he said.

The deputies also call on the Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel, to prepare illegal immigrants back to France if the party intends to fulfill the Brexit promise to take control of the UK borders. Senior officials say at least ten people have died trying to cross one of the world's busiest shipping channels in the past few weeks. and reach the UK. On the filming of a local resident, dozens of migrants can be seen lowering an inflatable boat with a motor ashore, and a group of French police standing nearby does not try to interfere with the actions of potential border trespassers. According to him, the law enforcement officers explained to him that they do not consider capturing migrants to be their job.



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