Blogger Khovansky was offered a deal with the investigation

Blogger Yuri Khovansky's girlfriend Maria Nelyubova: the investigator asked him to plead guilty with the investigation. This was reported by the blogger's girlfriend Maria Nelyubova on the air of the radio “Echo of Petersburg”.

Nelyubova said that an investigator came to Khovansky in the pre-trial detention center. According to her, the blogger was asked to admit his guilt. In addition, he was asked to say that he sang the song that caused the criminal case in 2018, and not in 2012.

“I came secretly to Yura and asked him to slander himself, give false testimony and promised for this he received a mild punishment. Yura refused, then he said that he would receive a real term, ”the girl told Khovansky. She added that the investigator did not warn about the visit of the blogger's lawyers, which is a violation.

Earlier, Khovansky described his condition in the pre-trial detention center with the words “I am already dead.” In the letter, he also stated that the investigation had involved dummy witnesses in his case. According to him, they gave false testimony that he sang a song about the terrorist attack in 2018, and not 2012. The blogger said that a possible imprisonment in his case was tantamount to a death sentence.

Khovansky was detained at the beginning. June. The blogger was accused of justifying terrorism after two videos appeared on the network in which he sang a song about the terrorist attack in the theater center on Dubrovka in 2002. Videos recorded in 2012 were posted by YouTube user Yuri in July 2020. There were no other videos on his channel, and there was no information about the owner. Under the article, under which a criminal case has been initiated against the blogger, either a fine from 300 thousand to a million rubles is provided, or imprisonment for up to seven years.



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