A family found a message written by schoolchildren over 30 years ago in a bottle

A mother and sons in Wales found a letter from schoolchildren written in 1985 in the river back by schoolchildren a message in a bottle, which during this time covered 10 kilometers. This is reported by the Daily Post.

Kat Gibbert and her sons Rowan and Steffan were walking along the banks of the Clwid River in Denbighshire, Welsh, and saw a bottle stuck in the branches near the river. At first, the Welsh thought the plastic bottle they had found was rubbish, and they picked it up to throw in the trash can. But then they saw a note inside.

“We were very excited when we saw the piece of paper and realized that it was a message. A childhood dream has come true, and my children could not wait to be able to open it and see what was inside, “said the mother.

Returning home, they removed the note from the bottle and found that the letter had been sent from the city of Prestatin December 4, 1985. It was written in two languages, English and Welsh, and is well preserved.

The authors of the letter indicated that they walked along the Klvydaye and threw the bottle in the forest near the village of Klokaenog. “Please send a letter or call 3019 to let us know that you have found it,” the message said.

In addition to the date indicated, there were other indications that the letter was written long ago. The telephone number indicated in the letter consisted of four digits. The number of digits in UK phone numbers began to change to five and six digits in the 1980s. The children also indicated that they are in “standards three and four,” that is, in fifth and sixth grades, in modern terms.

Gibbert admitted that the find made her wonder where the bottle was. years. She noted that her sons are desperate to contact the senders. “I posted information about the bottle on social media to find someone who could send it back then. It would be great to know more about this story, “said the British.

Earlier it was reported that a message in a bottle sent by a couple of Canadians from the United States over six years covered 3.8 thousand kilometers and was found by a family from Portugal. He was found by a family walking along the beach with a dog.



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