Why in Siberia ships “freeze” from ice (video)

Why in Siberia ships “freeze” from ice (video)

Such work requires huge physical strength.

With some delay in the Siberian town Zhatay came severe frosts. With them finally came time to “wynorski” ships.

In Siberia to repair ships “freeze” from iceDuring the download an error has occurred.

This is the old way to repair the ships: with chainsaws and axes workers free of ice underwater part of ships is about 20 cm and Then waiting for the water in the judgments would freeze, and release a new space. Then the bottom can be repaired.

Such work requires great physical strength and endurance. The temperature at this time of year on the river Lena is lowered to minus 46 degrees. But for the season, workers can earn up to 400 thousand rubles.

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