The transaction with shares of the “Orient Express” has gained visa FSB

The transaction with shares of the “Orient Express” has gained visa FSB

Basmanny court will consider the issue of the arrest of shareholders of the credit institution.


The main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (GUS TFR) opened a criminal case about large fraud against the beneficiary of the Bank “Orient Express” George Michael Calvey and shareholders of the credit institution Philip Delpal, Ivan Zyuzin, Vahan Abgaryan, Maxim Vladimirov Alexei and Koricheva. According to investigators, the bankers under the guise of trading stocks stole “the Orient Express” about 2.5 billion rubles. on Friday, Moscow’s Basmanny court will elect a measure of restraint for the defendants.

According to sources, “b”, the materials which formed the basis for excitation of criminal case of the GSM TFR, were collected by the Federal security service (FSB) of Russia. As found by the security forces, the scheme shares was carried out in 2017, and became possible after the controlled by the founder of a major investment company Baring Vostok Michael Calvey NAO company “First collection Bureau” (NAO NKB) owed PJSC CB “Orient Express”, the beneficiary of which he was about 2.5 billion rubles.

Newsthe Founder and employees Baring Vostok detained in the framework of the dispute concerning the Bank “East”

As stated in the materials of the investigation, Mr. Calvey decided to take advantage of the situation and steal the funds which were the subject of a commercial dispute.

According to investigators, Michael Calvey persuaded the other shareholders of the Bank — Ivan Zyuzin, a citizen of France, Philippe Delpal, Vahan Abgaryan, Maxim Vladimirov Alexei and Koricheva — to join him in a “criminal conspiracy” and to issue an agreement to settle the debt for obviously disadvantageous for the Bank conditions.