Developer “Newbie” in Anapa arranged for anonymous harassment

Developer “Newbie” in Anapa arranged for anonymous harassment

Scientist Vladimir Uglev known as one of the developers of the group of nerve agents “Beginner”, reported that his home came with a check by the police. According to the chemist, it happened after the unknown began to distribute leaflets in the town with his photograph and accusations of pedophilia.

After poisoning in Salisbury of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Uglev gave several interviews to Russian and Western media, telling about the features of the actions developed with the participation of toxic substances.

Uglev residing in Anapa, reported bi-Bi-si, that on Thursday, February 14, found a few leaflets of slanderous content. “The first ad I took and crumpled from the door of the office where I work. Second, from the same house… the Third [the flyer] was removed from our shop, [don’t know] how many more”, — he said.

Leaflets (a copy is at the disposal of Bi-bi-si) printed photo of the Hydrocarbon, its name, surname and patronymic, date of birth and exact address. This information is followed by the message that “uncle Vova” allegedly “met with the children near schools, gives toys, and then writes them in “VKontakte”, asked me to send explicit photos”. The announcement calls on “know of a pedophile in the face.”

News“In humidity conditions to apply this substance could only be an idiot”

As told Uglev, on the same day, when they began to appear leaflets, came to his home by three police officers, one of whom was from the “Department with sex crimes against minors” (probably refers to the division on Affairs of minors (PDN). — Bi-bi-si). According to Hydrocarbon, their visit, they explained to citizens.

According to Hydrocarbon, the police examined his laptop and tablet “for the presence of a photo with youngsters” and took photos of his apartment. Witnesses in the verification was not involved, said the chemist.