Issued from Hungary the Russians have accused American materials

Issued from Hungary the Russians have accused American materials

Ends the case of the attempted sale of MANPADS to agents of US intelligence services.

As it became known “Kommersant”, the Investigative Committee of Russia (SKR) has finished investigation of the criminal case against businessman Vladimir Luisina and his son Vladimir, accused of arms trafficking. A criminal case was largely based on the materials of American law enforcement: the staff of the secret service, posing as representatives of Mexican drug traffickers, have been negotiating with the gentlemen Lublinie on selling them man-portable air defence systems (MANPADS), after which U.S. authorities have requested their extradition. Hungary gave accused Russia, which caused a major international scandal.

Masters Lobesilum of GSU SKR has brought accusation in definitive edition in the Commission of crimes under part 3 of article 222, and article 30 and part 2 of article 261.1 (illegal circulation of weapons, attempted arms smuggling) of the criminal code. His involvement in alleged acts of father and son is not admitted, noting that the basis for their prosecution was a provocation arranged by agents of management on struggle against drugs of the USA (DEA). Her goal, as reported by “Kommersant”, the representative of the accused, Lubiszyn, Sr. called an attempt to discredit the Russian business, working abroad, presenting them as criminals.

Living in Hungary Luisiny the Lord has come to the attention of the local police in the fall of 2016, after she received a request from the United States for the extradition of Russians.

It was stated that in summer 2016, the Russians tried to exchange for drugs worth $2 million to the DEA special agents operating under the guise of Mexican drug traffickers, small arms and a few MANPADS.

This message was not surprised by the police, because they had information that Lubiszyn, Jr., as since 2010, the shop owner Pilis Hunting Store (later renamed Pilis Defense Systems Kft), traded with his father ex army weapons. But from time to time this business does not cause problems at the Hungarian authorities. However, the willingness of gentlemen Lousineh to sell MANPADS of the drug were seriously worried by the police, because the Americans were convinced that these complexes can be used against helicopters and aircraft DEA, participating in various operations.

In November of 2016 the Lord Lupicini was arrested and, with court approval preextraction placed under arrest. However, in the spring of 2017 in Hungary received another request for their extradition from the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. By the time father and son Lobesilum of GSU SKR has already filed in absentia charged under part 3 of article 222 of the criminal code, and the Basmanny district court ordered their arrest after extradition to the Russian side. Later the investigative Department of the FSB has put forward against the masters Lousineh additional charge of attempted weapons smuggling. It in Hungary also submitted a request for the extradition of alleged arms dealers.

Probably, thus the Russian militiamen tried to convince the Hungarian side is that they are seriously going to deal with the accused in case of their extradition to his homeland.

To the surprise of the Americans, the Hungarians rejected their claim on the transfer of entrepreneurs, making masters Lobesilum managed to avoid the fate of arms dealer Viktor bout. Recall that in 2008, those same DEA agents were in negotiations with him about the alleged purchase of MANPADS to Colombian rebels. In the end, Mr. Booth at the request of the American party was detained by police in Bangkok issued in the U.S., where in 2012 he was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

At the final stage of the Russian investigation in the criminal case against Mr. Lousineh was transferred from the FSB to the TFR and is connected in one manufacture. In the near future defendants in a controversial investigation will start acquaintance with criminal case. How many volumes is still unknown because investigators have not yet reported any accused nor their defense.

Alexei Sokovnin