“I have a sore throat from unspoken anger”: the Network has shared the strange phrases heard from doctors

“I have a sore throat from unspoken anger”: the Network has shared the strange phrases heard from doctors

Some of them gets really scared.

Wearer Twitter asked followers to tell about the most strange and absurd phrases that they were told by the doctors.

guys, tell us what the most bizarre and ridiculous things you said doctors?

Maya Ministry laziness and depression (@verschroben_) February 12, 2019.

In less than a day from the tweet there were hundreds of responses in which users shared the funniest, and, conversely, frightening statements and medical advice. It turns out that many doctors believe in a higher power and the evil eye, tell jokes, are understandable only to them, and give patients the extremely obvious advice.

After the tooth pulled out my wisdom tooth:
“Pfff, so what? Is that all? I thought there for about 3 hours of work…”

— Nicotine with Eyebrows (@Yoghikitt) February 12, 2019.

When I went to the neurologist because of the panic attacks, I was advised to pray silently every time they start? ♀app

— Loriana Bell (@LorianaBell) February 12, 2019.

Already told here, but I will repeat. When I came to the first city with the rupture of ovarian the FIRST question the duty of the gynecologist was “are You married?”.

little time pressure (@Inga_Kudracheva) February 12, 2019.

Was three of us, rapidly became bad, unbearable abdominal pain… Told my friends almost on itself to be near the clinic, the therapist looked and said… I don’t know what you have, but go to Church, put a candle and all will be well ?20 years ago it was

— Washing Powder (@StaPrud) February 12, 2019.

I the pharmacist offered to remove an asthma attack prayer, and the Grand cross

— Yuri (@md_faust) February 13, 2019.

After six months of endless coughs and useless tests and tablets: “We don’t know what to treat you, you are cursed!”

— Ryouhiko Ankuu (@Ryouhiko_Ankuu) February 13, 2019.

Oh, and once after a car accident, the surgeon, looking at me, said “Yes, you like pizza!” (I was badly cut by broken glass and did resemble something like that, but it wasn’t very funny).

little time pressure (@Inga_Kudracheva) February 12, 2019.

still remembered how I had called the doctor because of heart pains (turned out to be psychosomatic), and he decided as a JOKE to tell me that it was a heart attack.

Maya Ministry laziness and depression (@verschroben_) February 12, 2019.

Bitten by a dog, stray. The doctor in the emergency room, the shot won’t raise, observe the dog 10 days, if she does die, it is good, if something urgently to me, a dog with rabies. He told me even in help it is written

— Conservatives Thomas (@constanvasilje1) February 12, 2019.

Complained visable fainting. For example, in transport. Said to walk.

— Olya Lukoye (@pankratievao) February 12, 2019.

(After watching the tests) Well…I don’t know what’s wrong with you. What’s worked before? Well here it is and drink.

— Red Batman ? (@SolarGinger) February 12, 2019.

A sore throat from unexpressed anger.
And these blood test results I’m not interested, it’s for a week before the second heart attack. First moved to his feet.

— sergei (@sergeisido) February 12, 2019.

I have bipolar disorder, with predominant suicidal forms of violation of the behavioral paradigm on the background of anxiety and psychotic reactive indiferrence of view of the meaning of existence. And then added that other clovami all within acceptable norms

— Jhon Golt (@golt_jhon) February 12, 2019.

I remember once, when I was just starting to suspect that I have a problem, wanted to make an appointment with the psychiatrist. So he said, “as the young ladies can be some problems?”. In the end, I went to him and did not go, and thank God.

King Anilio (@tiger_magician) February 12, 2019.

Came to a trichologist to find out why my hair is falling out, she said it is necessary to give birth, were iron is not enough

And philosophical crumbs (@InPearly) February 12, 2019.

“You will give birth and everything will be” migraine treatment, the therapist in the mountains.the hospital N6, Kursk, distant and scary 2009. And I, meanwhile, finished 11th grade

— tdnwtv (@tdnwtv) February 13, 2019.

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