There was a video about “land” Tsepovyaz in the Amur colony

There was a video about “land” Tsepovyaz in the Amur colony

On YouTube posted a new video about the life of a member of a gang Tsapkov Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz in the colony of strict regime in the Amur region.

The footage presented “land with separate gate”, an apiary, vegetable garden and gazebo directly on the premises of the correctional institution.

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According to the author of the rollers about the life of a prisoner, “manor” Tsepovyaz continues beyond the colony.

“Good estate: apiary, vegetable garden, gazebo. A separate building for the stay for two people, shower. It is in Amur region in the IR-3”, — he said.

Tsepovyaz was sentenced to 20 years for the murder of 12 people gang Sergei Hoe in the village of Kushchevskaya, perfect in autumn 2010. He is serving his sentence in a strict regime colony.

After the publication in November of 2018 photos Tsepovyaz in the colony, which he and other prisoners eat crab and caviar, the Prosecutor’s office began checking in a correctional facility. Amid the scandal, with pictures of gang Tsapkov the head of the UFSIN across the Amur region brought to a strict disciplinary responsibility. In February it became known about transfer Tsepovyaz in jail Khabarovsk.