Kudrin has criticized the draft law on “sovereign Runet”

Kudrin has criticized the draft law on “sovereign Runet”

The Chairman of the accounts chamber of Russia Alexei Kudrin called the hasty approval of the state Duma of the draft law on “sovereign Runet”.

“In the first reading adopted the law on sovereign Runet. Unfortunately, too hastily and without an open dialogue with the IT and industrial community,” he wrote on Twitter.

Mr. Kudrin stressed that the industry “develop as global”. “Without clear rules and understanding it will slow investment in IT at the crucial moment of the digitization of Russia”, — he added.

The state Duma has approved in the first reading the draft law on “sovereign” Russian Internet on Tuesday, February 12. The amendments envisage the creation of infrastructure, “ensuring operability of the Russian Internet resources in the event that connection” to foreign servers. The project is estimated at 20 million rubles. In the Kremlin the initiative refused to comment.

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