Afraid to get out: in Primorye, the invasion of Amur tigers

Afraid to get out: in Primorye, the invasion of Amur tigers

Amur tigers out in the settlements of the Primorye territory in search of food.

Amur tigers have begun to reach out to people in Primorye, appearing in the settlements. Local authorities urged residents to exercise caution and refuse to walk in the dark. Because of the sudden threat to close the children’s section.

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Primorsky Krai is undergoing an invasion of Amur tigers is listed in the Red book of predatory animals that live mostly in the foothills of the Sikhote-Alin mountains and in the forests along the banks of the rivers Amur and Ussuri. This February animals EN masse come to settlements that they wouldn’t normally do, and attack the livestock.

Also tigers become the victims of dogs. Usually the visits of predators to humans due to the depletion of fodder in the usual habitat and the need to seek new sources of food. This winter has been in many districts of Primorye unusually snowy. In the South of the region snow cover so far has not been formed.

It is not excluded, the yield of tigers to civilization provoked by natural factors — lost habitual life rhythms.

In some localities the activity of predators has almost provoked a state of emergency. For example, in the Mill village of Krasnoarmeisky district, the local administration issued a warning urging people to be vigilant.

“Dear citizens, be careful in the woods, on the river Big Ussurka, as well as within the village boundaries, — it is spoken in the message body, copies of which were posted at stores, on poles and in other public places. — Avoid walking in the evening and at night. Do not leave children outside without supervision!”.

In Primorsky Krai, the invasion of Amur tigers

— Kitty and Osia (@titojiv) February 12, 2019.

In case of detection of any signs of the emergence of a predator, it is proposed to report immediately to the administration.

“The tigers are calmly walking in residential yards, the tracks were also seen at the school. Already two weeks shy beasts on the village. How many exactly is difficult to say. One of the animals ran over a deer,” — said “Газете.Ru” local resident Natalia Denisova.

Primorye residents find traces of tigers directly in the settlements

— Kitty and Osia (@titojiv) February 12, 2019.

People actively share new data about the tigers in social networks. So, in the same Mill, according to eyewitnesses, the animal tracks “trampled the whole cemetery”. “The horror! We must demand to do anything!” — write the residents.

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“A tiger would go through the territory of the village, and around it, — said Natalia Kolesnikova from the Mill in a conversation with “Газетой.Ru”. One even ran up to our yard. Children are afraid to leave the house, as the tiger tracks literally everywhere — including along our paths, then up to the school and the boiler room at the sawmill. We came to the huntsman, said that tigers no one gets hurt, and they leave themselves. Children’s clubs Taekwondo and dancing was canceled, because at night no one goes out. Afraid to let their children alone. The administration has warned that no one walked in the evening time.”

Meanwhile in other districts of Primorye already documented cases of tigers meetings with people. To serious incidents, however, is not yet reached: one of the beasts, realizing that to hide behind a snowdrift I can’t pretend to be a tree. People captured on video handsome from a passing car.

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In addition, this week it became known that the most popular tiger of the country, named Cupid, who became famous thanks to his friendship with the goat and Timur, will be donated to the administration of Primorsky Krai. 2012 predator lived in the seaside Safari-Park as a participant in breeding programs, however, belonged to the Khabarovsk Krai.

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Their mission Cupid has done it: tigress Ussuri he was born tiger Sher Khan.

The debate over the new residence of the representative of the cat family erupted after the end of the lease term. Cupid was scheduled to be sent to Krasnodar, which caused sharp criticism of the Director of the Safari Park Dmitry Mezentsev, who said the risks of separation of the couple and the relocation of a tiger from the familiar environment.