A General reshuffle. The President made the appointment in the Ministry of internal Affairs and SKR

A General reshuffle. The President made the appointment in the Ministry of internal Affairs and SKR

President Vladimir Putin issued a decree on the reshuffle in the law enforcement. According to him, in particular, were appointed heads of boards of the Ministry of internal Affairs to combat extremism and migration major General Oleg ilyinykh and Valentina Kazakova. In the Central apparatus of their departments were transferred to Lieutenant General Sergey Umnov and Andrei Markov, who headed the interior Ministry in St. Petersburg and the GSU SKR across the Moscow region.

President Vladimir Putin has made two dozen appointments in the interior Ministry, seven in the structure of RCDS, as well as the changes in MES and Prosecutor’s office. In accordance with the decree of the President of his post, in particular, have lost Lieutenant-General Sergey Umnov, since March 2012, led GU MVD in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. However, he immediately found work in the Central apparatus of the police Department — he became an assistant of Vladimir Kolokoltseva. Assistant Minister decree has been defined and Colonel Irina the Wolfis the official representative of the Ministry of interior.

Was appointed by the heads of Central boards of the Ministry of interior for combating extremism (Center “e”), and on migration. They were major General Oleg Ilyin and Valentina Kazakova , respectively. We will note that earlier the General ilinykh many years in the Altai, and then became the chief of UMVD across the Kurgan region.

The former head of HOPE of the Ministry of interior major-General Timur Valiullin has lost a post from-for scandal with undeclared property in Bulgaria. About it in the presidential Administration learned from the former wife of the General, with whom he shared the family assets in court. First, his place was offered to the head of Department of economic security and combating corruption Moscow the General-major Sergey Solopova, and after he refused, offered to write a letter himself. By decree of the General, who led Webirc 2015, was sent into retirement.

Headed the main Directorate for migration of the Ministry of interior major General Kazakov in the status of acting led the commander around a month after this post left Olga Kirillova. The first Deputy head Guebipk was appointed Colonel Eduard Filippov, formerly a regular Deputy Andrew Kurnosenko. It should be noted that Mr. Filippov is considered the highest military officer of the interior Ministry. He has four orders of Courage, medals for “Bravery” and “For merits before Fatherland” of two degrees. He got them for numerous trips to the North Caucasus as commander of the Moscow riot police.