The newborn whale was caught on video

The newborn whale was caught on video

Unique footage was shot near the Hawaiian archipelago.

A newborn humpback whale was caught on video almost immediately after birth. Such unique footage of scientists managed to obtain extremely rare.

Unusual activity in the water near the island of Maui was noticed by the tourists. Representatives of the tour operator immediately called the Director of the program for the study of marine mammals from the University of Hawaii. Lars Bader arrived on the scene and quickly flew a drone with a video camera.

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As it turned out, the water was a whale with fragile fins. Since its birth had passed no more than 20 minutes, says Bader. The baby floated beside his mother, trying to stay closer to the surface of the water. Mother periodically, supported the whale on her back.

Humpback whales grow to an average of 14.5 meters and can weigh up to 30 tons. In the Pacific ocean they are distributed from the Chukchi sea to the Hawaiian Islands. The total number of humpback whales, it is estimated, is from 30 to 60 thousand individuals.

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