Scientists visited the island unusual that occurred 4 years ago

Scientists visited the island unusual that occurred 4 years ago

Scientists first called for an unusual Pacific island which was formed about four years ago (usually, such Islands are not more than a few months).

In late 2014, scientists noticed in satellite images of the eruption of an underwater volcano in the Pacific state of Tonga. By the end of next year, the eruption ceased, and between two small Islands, a new (it was named Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai).

A researcher from NASA Dan Slayback (Dan Slayback) tracked the appearance of the island, and later decided to visit it sobstvennolichno. He arrived on the island in October 2018 with a group of scientists, reports the portal

As noted, the new island is unusual because it has existed for about four years, whereas typically, such Islands disappear within a few months (the same was assumed with regard to this island). Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai is one of the three known for the last 150 years, volcanic Islands, which lasted more than a few months.

Upon arrival to the island, the scientists saw that he is somewhat different than would be expected on the basis of analysis of satellite data. Thus, differences in elevation were more serious than predicted. Indicates that the data collected directly on the island will help to further improve the model used to estimate heights based on the satellite imagery.

In addition, Slavek, having received permission from the authorities of the state Tonga, collected rock samples, analysis of which will help you understand why this island remains longer than others. It is noted that the researchers are particularly interested in exploring this island, as it can give an idea of how looked ancient Mars, when its oceans evaporated, and the volcanoes ceased to operate.