A log in the woods became a hit in social networks (video)

A log in the woods became a hit in social networks (video)

Camera traps are a surprise.

For observing wildlife conservationists and researchers often use camera traps. A small camera is automatically triggered from a motion sensor and take photos or video without human intervention.

Video captured one of these traps in the French forest, became a hit on social media. The camera is mounted near a forest stream near a fallen tree.

When setting a camera observers reviewed the video, they were amazed. The beam turned into a bridge, which has been used by numerous animals to cross from one Bank to another.

The life of one fallen tree in the forest. Video with photo-traps. France. pic.twitter.com/l3zAuSdSgx

— Hi-color! (@obedennyy) 3 Feb 2019

In the video you can see wild cat, beaver, Robin, otter, mouse, Fox, duck, swamp hen, Heron, slowly creeping snake, a curious squirrel and other animals.

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