Reveal the Creator of the “record” eggs

Reveal the Creator of the “record” eggs

“Egg” has already given an interview under different aliases, but the real identity of its Creator was revealed for the first time.

Now we know what kind of person “disappeared” for the most popular picture in the history of Instagram: it even managed to beat the world record Kylie Jenner. This man was a Chris Godfrey, an employee of London advertising Agency.

The publication Mashable writes that it has long been aware of the individual “eggs”, but Godfrey was asked not to reveal it. The Creator of the eggs said that the popularity of unusual photo growing organically: none of its creators did not pay influencers for promotion and used “rough” tools SMM.

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The identity of the “egg” took place in anticipation of the super bowl for American football and now it is promoting a short animation dedicated to mental health and the impact of social networks on people. Media reports that mental health will be the first of several themes which will reveal the egg.

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