In a bus accident near Kaluga injured 20 children

In a bus accident near Kaluga injured 20 children

Moscow. 3 Feb. INTERFAX.RU Only the bus drove 47 people, most of them children.

Twenty children were injured in the bus crash in the Kaluga region, have informed “Interfax” on Sunday in the traffic police of Russia.

At 09:15 on the 128-kilometer highway Kaluga — Vyazma the bus “MAN” fell over to the right facing the ditch, the Ministry said.

“As a result of an accident previously suffered 20 minors,” — said the traffic police.

According to authorities, the bus belongs to the individual entrepreneur, has followed from the settlement of Yartsevo in Kaluga and was carrying 47 passengers, including 31 minors. The kids followed the competition.

In turn, the press service of EMERCOM of Russia reported 21 injured.

“At 10:00 on 3 February at the 37th km of road of regional value in Babyninskaya area, near the settlement of Izvekovo occurred rollover on the side of the passenger bus. Previously the bus was carrying 47 people, including 31 children. According to specified data, injured 21 people, including 20 children,” — said the press service.