France called the conditions for the recognition of Guide

France called the conditions for the recognition of Guide

The French authorities are willing to recognize the speaker of the Venezuelan Parliament Juan Guido legitimate President of the country, if the current head of state Nicolas Maduro did not announce the holding of new elections to Sunday evening, February 3. This was stated by Minister for European Affairs at MFA of France Nathalie Loiseau.


“If tonight he does not commit itself on organizing the presidential elections, we will consider Mr Guido the legitimate President of Venezuela”, — quotes its publication Zonebourse.

Loiseau also stressed that the past in may last year in Venezuela presidential elections “were a farce.”

Earlier, on 3 February it became known that the Venezuelan Ambassador in Iraq Jonathan Velasco Ramirez acknowledged the speaker of the Venezuelan Parliament interim President of the country. In his statement, the Ambassador said he is “on the side of the people, the Constitution and the National Assembly.”

On 2 February, 20-th anniversary of the Bolivarian revolution, the Venezuelan capital, there were demonstrations in support of the current government and the opposition. During the meetings Maduro said the failure of the coup and called for the holding of parliamentary elections.

Protests in Venezuela continued from January 23. Supporters of the opposition, which controls the unicameral Parliament, took to the streets to demand the resignation of Maduro. On the same day, Guido declared himself acting President. He was recognized as the USA, and later Canada, Australia, Israel, Georgia, Guatemala, Albania and a number of States.

Maduro called the events a coup attempt with the support of Washington and broke off diplomatic relations with the United States. Support for the current President expressed Russia, Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba, Syria and Iran.

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The opposition leader declared himself President. On the streets the battles, there are casualties.

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