In the Black sea found the “lost fleet Hitler”

In the Black sea found the “lost fleet Hitler”

MOSCOW — RIA Novosti. Turkish marine engineer and diver selçuk Kolay found at the bottom of the Black sea, three German submarines during the Second world war. About it reports TV channel TRT Haber, who directed a documentary about the search for submarines.

Submarines U-23, U-19 and U-20 German Navy were sunk in 1944 off the coast of Turkey. For a long time their whereabouts remained unknown why the submarine was nicknamed “the lost fleet Hitler.”

More than a decade ago Selcuk found a map on which the commander of U-23 marked the place of the release of his crew to shore. After this he began a search of this and other submarines. Subsequently, it joined the Turkish Navy. Joint took me about four years.

As it turned out, U-23 was near the Turkish town of Agva, and U-19 and U-20 lying at a depth of from 25 to 300 meters off the coast of Istanbul.

According to Hakan Aslan, program Manager Blue passion involved in the filming of the documentary, the team is proud of the work done, which helped to learn more about what happened during the Second world war.

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