The European Parliament recognized Guido legitimate leader of Venezuela

The European Parliament recognized Guido legitimate leader of Venezuela

BRUSSELS, 31 Jan — RIA Novosti. The European Parliament recognized the speaker of Parliament of Venezuela, Juan Guido “legitimate interim President” of the country.


A corresponding resolution was approved by 439 votes in favor and 104 against and 88 abstentions.

“The European Parliament was the first European Institute, who made it,” said Tajani.

The European Parliament called on the diplomatic service of the EU and the countries participating in the organization to make a similar decision.

The political crisis in Venezuela

Mass protests began in Venezuela on January 21. According to non-governmental organizations, during the performances was arrested 791 people, killed 29 people.

In the Wake of opposition protests, the speaker of Parliament Joan Guido, with U.S. support, declared himself interim head of state.

The legitimate President Nicolas Maduro called Guido “a puppet of Washington.” In Moscow share his position.

UK, Germany, France and Spain said on January 26 that recognize, Guido interim President of the country, if in Venezuela for eight days be announced new elections.
Now, besides the U.S., the status of Guido as interim head of state admitted Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Georgia, Albania and various other countries.

HelpIn Venezuela the revolution has begun

The opposition leader declared himself President. On the streets the battles, there are casualties.

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