Spectacular USA Mueller refused to disclose the evidence in the case of Prigogine

Spectacular USA Mueller refused to disclose the evidence in the case of Prigogine

Mueller stated the position at the request of the Russian group of companies “Concord” on the disclosure of material allegations of collusion against the United States and fraud.


Robert Mueller was charged with 13 Russians and three Russian companies in February last year. The case featured owned by Eugene Prigogine Concord Management and Consulting, and Concord Catering, online research, known as a “Troll Factory in St. Petersburg” and is related to Prigogine according to unconfirmed reports a number of media. The U.S. justice Department accused the firms of colluding against Washington and the campaign of misinformation in social networks.

In the past year, representatives of the companies Prigogine tried to request the U.S. justice Department evidence in a procedure of compulsory provision of documents to the court. Muller resisted: the lawyers of two “Concorde” and other defendants have transferred only part of your existing spectacular documents, the rest, prosecutors considered sensitive information.

In December in the district court of Columbia entered a motion for disclosure of all documents affecting officers and employees of the group “Concord” to prepare for trial in their case.

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On the eve Mueller said the position of the prosecution on the petition: secret documents not to give, because “the Concorde” will give them to third parties to discredit the charges. The argument spectracolor calls history 2018: anonymous Twitter “Hacking Redstone” appeared archive documents “with all the files Robert Mueller on the Agency Internet research and the agreement with Russia.”

The U.S. justice Department emphasizes that the archive is almost entirely composed of two types of documents: files handed to the “Concorde” in the procedure provide information to the court, and third-party documents unrelated to the case. According to Muller, the publication was deliberately designed to create the impression that the team of spectacular there is substantial evidence against the structures of Prigogine and “Troll Factory”.