Scientists have created a 3D map of a vanished African city

Scientists have created a 3D map of a vanished African city

It existed 200 years ago.

Archaeologists were able to reconstruct the three-dimensional image of the disappeared South African settlement Kweneng. About 200 years ago it was on the outskirts of present Johannesburg. It is believed that Kweneng was a thriving city with hundreds of houses, but went into decline after the civil war.

Now at this point virtually no trace remains of a once great settlement, and therefore the archaeologists decided to resort to modern technology.

Scientists have recreated in South Africa, the appearance of the disappeared African cityDuring the download an error has occurred.

Using lidar technology, they made a three-dimensional map Kweneng, which will help in further study of Africa, so how in the world there is no written data about pre-colonial history of the continent. Modern technology will allow scientists to fill this gap.

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