Russian Ambassador: Russia has offered the DPRK to build nuclear power plants in exchange for giving up nuclear weapons

Russian Ambassador: Russia has offered the DPRK to build nuclear power plants in exchange for giving up nuclear weapons

PYONGYANG, January 30. /Offset. TASS Evgeny Agoshkov/. Russia has never applied to the authorities of the DPRK with a proposal to build in the people’s Republic of nuclear power plants in exchange for full renunciation of nuclear weapons. About it the correspondent of TASS said Wednesday, Russian Ambassador to Pyongyang Alexander Matsegora in response to a request for comment appeared in the Washington Post claims in this respect.

“I’ve recently been commenting on the fiction that the DPRK is developing its missile and air defenses on the basis of obtained legally or stolen us technology, noted Matsegora. — Similar to my answer will be about the new “duck”. As the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, possessing comprehensive information about everything that is happening in the relationship between my country and the DPRK, I declare with all responsibility: Russia or allegedly representatives of the Russian authorities came out with a proposal for the construction of the DPRK nuclear power plant”.

According to a senior Russian diplomat, one of the most convincing arguments that easily refute the baseless allegations of American Newspapers, is the prohibitive cost of building such a station.

Nuclear power plants worth several billion dollars. As much, if not more, would be a complete modernization of the energy infrastructure of the DPRK, including its electrical network, without this nuclear plant would be no less dangerous object than the present nuclear potential of the country.Alexander Magaraphan of the Russian Federation in Pyongyang

According to the Ambassador, the authors of the publication in The Washington Post did not take into account also the costs of the nuclear power plants that will not be able to afford the DPRK in the current economic situation.

The cost of fuel and disposal of waste elements, plus operating costs — it is not expensive for the capture is not very rich of the North Korean market? Who’s ready to make a gift — because of the Koreans themselves, this money is not?Alexander Magaraphan RF Panlener not interested in the collapse of the talks the DPRK and the U.S.

“Maybe Americans are ready to return to the agreed framework of 21 October 1994 between the United States and the DPRK, which involved the exchange of light-water reactors on North Korean denuclearization? suggested Matsegora. — Russia welcomes the agreement reached between Pyongyang and Washington, why it is necessary to disrupt the negotiations between them?”.