Netizen showed giant bats trapped foxes

Netizen showed giant bats trapped foxes

But for many they liked.

A guy named David posted on Twitter a photo of a huge bat, which in size is not inferior to the average dog. Sleeping bats David called Megamasso, and then supplemented post a few more pictures taken from the Internet.

Y’all ever heard of mega bats???

— david Ⓥ (@VeganGenesis) 24 Jan 2019.

Have you heard the one about megamash?

This is Fox Island, Australia. Anyone wanna take a field trip?

— david Ⓥ (@VeganGenesis) 25 Jan 2019

This Fox island in Australia. Anyone want a tour?

Here’s some pics of them in flight. These guys are fascinating.

— david Ⓥ (@VeganGenesis) 25 Jan 2019

And a few photos in flight. These guys are adorable.

The form of a giant “vampire” was terrified of Twitter users, and they began to share other people’s photos of these animals.

But at the same time found out that it’s not bats and flying foxes.

Their size can reach 40 centimeters, and the wingspan is five feet. They live in the tropics and subtropics of South and Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Oceania, Australia and Madagascar and eat only fruit.

Thankfully they only eat fruit.

— Horror Movie Podcast (@HorrorMovieCast) 27 Jan 2019.

Well, they only eat fruit.

But not all these flying creatures seemed scary. Some they reminded of Pets, and someone just moved them a pretty face.

You can’t tell me they’re not cute af

— Amanda (@MandyPie97) 26 Jan 2019

You can’t admit that they’re adorable.

Love them!!!

— Chelsea (@chelsea_q13) 26 Jan 2019

Love them.

Okay but wait some bats are actually adorable and look like little puppies, haven’t y’all ever read Stellaluna as a kid?

— trippylilhippi 10/31?? (@krysty_luvs_u) 25 Jan 2019

Okay, but wait, some bats are actually adorable and like little puppies, have you never read “Stellaluna” as a child?

Kinda look like my dog lol

— Ivory Izumi Kaneki (@lord_ivory) 25 Jan 2019

It’s funny that these mice similar to my dog.

Nah that’s just my cat

— scooter girl (@kr00sta) 25 Jan 2019

Oh well, it’s just my cat.

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