Named the most snowy cities in the world

Named the most snowy cities in the world

American company engaged in weather forecasting, called the city, which drops most of the snow. The Daily Mail reports that for the rating selected localities, where more than 100 thousand people.

In topped the list of cities drifts start from two and a half and reach eight meters. It is noted that a trip there might be of interest to lovers of skiing or snowboarding.

The rating included three cities in the United States and Canada — Buffalo (10), Rochester (9) Syracuse (6) and Saguenay (7), Quebec (5) and Saint Johns (4). Also on the list were four of the Japanese city of Akita (8), Toyama (3), Sapporo (2) and Aomori (1).

Russia in the rankings. The highest drifts in the country can be seen on the Kamchatka Peninsula, where the average snow depth exceeds two meters.

Previously, experts have identified the best country for relaxing holidays. The study analyzed the air temperature, number of Sunny days per year, number of vacation days, safety level and noise level.

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