Maduro said that trump gave the order to the government of Colombia to kill him

Maduro said that trump gave the order to the government of Colombia to kill him

CARACAS, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro believes that the leader of the United States Donald trump ordered the government of Colombia to kill him, in case something happens, the responsible will be these countries.


Maduro in an interview with RIA Novosti noted that the question of the possibility of a new attempt on his life is complicated.

“First, my fate is in the hands of the Lord, I am a Christian, I believe in the protection of the Lord. Me all the time to protect the people of Venezuela, we have a good intelligence service”, — he said.

“But without a doubt, Donald trump gave the order to kill me, he said the government of Colombia, the Colombian mafia, so they killed me. If one day something happens, Donald trump and the President of Colombia, Ivan Duque will be responsible for everything that happens to me,” — said Maduro.

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He reiterated that defending him. “Meanwhile, to protect me, we have a good security system, and moreover, we have a more substantial defense is the protection of God, who will give me long life,” said Maduro.

The newsof the Assassination of the XXI century

In early August last year, was an attempt to assassinate Maduro during a military parade in Caracas. To the rostrum where he was headed a few drones with explosives. Maduro himself accused in the assassination of the opposition and ex-President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos. Maduro also stated that it was in the course of the conspiracy against him with the support of the United States.

In Venezuela, January 21, mass protests began against current President Nicolas Maduro. The speaker of Parliament Joan Guido January 23, declared himself interim head of state the validity period of the provisional government. The United States and several other countries said about his confession.