“I absolutely have to be there”

“I absolutely have to be there”

Daughter of the arrested activist of the “Open Russia” Anastasia Shevchenko died in the hospital.

Today, the city of Zverevo of the Rostov region from cardiac arrest died 17-year-old daughter of a member of the Federal Council of the “Open Russia” Anastasia Shevchenko, of the accused under article 284.1 of the criminal code (organization, recognized in Russia undesirable). A girl of five years was in Zverev’s house-boarding school for profoundly mentally retarded children. Earlier, the court placed Ms. Shevchenko under house arrest. The defendant at the trial stated to the court that this measure threatens the life of her daughter, who is in constant need of care and medications.

The daughter of a member of the Federal Council of the “Open Russia”, Rostov human rights activist Anastasia Shevchenko, who is now under house arrest on charges of article 284.1 of the criminal code, on Thursday died in Zverev’s house-boarding school for profoundly mentally retarded children. 17-year-old Alina, who was there from childhood, eve was taken to intensive care with cardiac arrest, this “Kommersant” reported in “Open Russia”. Death was preceded by bronchitis.

“Yesterday, Anastasia was summoned for indictment in the investigation Committee, — told “Kommersant” coordinator, “Open Russia” Alexey Pryanishnikov.— In the middle of this procedure, around 15:00, there is information from her family that Alina was transferred to intensive care in critical condition. After the procedure the lawyer Anastasia asked the investigator for permission to visit her daughter. The problem was solved in three hours.”

Only at 19:00, after the investigation has received confirmation information from doctors and completed all the formal procedures, Anastasia was allowed to go to Zverevo (150 km from Rostov-on-don).Alex Pryanishnikova “Open Russia”

In Zverevo the human rights activist was carrying her friend Natalya Krainova, also allowed the defendant to serve his house arrest at his apartment. According to her, to the hospital they managed to get in two hours, the situation was complicated by strong winds and ice on the road. The gates of hospital were closed, and Anastasia Shevchenko wanted to climb over the fence, but in the end they still managed to go around to the entrance and get inside the building. Already in the hospital the head nurse, according to Ms. kranovoj, refused to let Anastasia Shevchenko to her daughter in the intensive care unit. “Anastasia Shevchenko managed to resolve the issue with doctors and night to see his daughter”, — said “Kommersant” Alexey Pryanishnikov. In the morning she learned of the death of the child.

Recall that Anastasia Shevchenko and a number of other Rostov activists on the morning of 22 January came to search employees SK and FSB. Later, Ms. Shevchenko was taken for questioning to the investigative Committee, which reported that it is suspected under article 284.1 of the criminal code (organization, recognized in Russia undesirable). Activist two days was kept in the detention center, and then appointed a measure of restraint — house arrest. MS Shevchenko, which was guarded by six police officers, told the court that due to her house arrest she will not be able to see his daughter Alina, whose serious health problems.

The condition is so severe that she’s ill with pneumonia three times a year. I need to be there, I’m the only one guardian, and only I can be.Anastasia Shevchenko

“The child up to five years I have lived, and the child insisted that she was in a special institution. This state of health… She knows people, she can not eat, to chew. At the level of the monthly development. I need to go to this institution in January: she is 18 years old, and Aline the need to change the hospital. The decision to transfer to another medical facility only accepts guardian. I absolutely need to be there,” said the court Anastasia Shevchenko. Despite her arguments, the court found that the defendant could destroy evidence in the case and to hide from the investigation in the Baltic States. Therefore, the activist appointed to house arrest.

Natalya Krainova told “Kommersant” that now she received offers of assistance from entrepreneurs who are ready to organize the funeral of the deceased girl. She will tell the story of the mother and children Anastasia Shevchenko. Rostov social activists have already started collecting money to help the family of the deceased.

Checking on the fact of death of the girl holds the office of the Commissioner for the rights of the child in the Rostov region.

“We have already sent out all requests and is ready to receive operational information about the incident,” RAPSI quotes the head of the Secretariat of Ombudsman for children Tatiana Knyajevo. “As to the validity of the arrest — it is the prerogative of law enforcement bodies and the court. Children have a dad — they are not left without care. Local authorities will provide the necessary assistance to the family,” added Ms. Knyazeva.

The Kremlin has been following the case of Ms. Shevchenko, reports TASS: “I don’t think it is in the field of attention,” — said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, answering the question, report whether the head of state Vladimir Putin about this matter.