Collective nostalgia encourages people to choose domestic goods

Collective nostalgia encourages people to choose domestic goods

Nostalgia for some events, experienced by members of a group of people can affect their preferences as consumers of goods or services. People experiencing nostalgia, most likely will choose the products of their country.

To such conclusion scientists from Greece, USA and the UK, who spent two very revealing experiment. Their participants were residents of Greece, which the experimenters divided in the first experiment two groups in the second three.

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In the first experiment the subjects (208, age about 28 years) were asked to write a short, no less than 150 words, a text about some event that has emotional meaning for them and other Greeks. Second, the control group performed the same volume, but emotionally neutral task.

In the second experiment had three groups, participated in 121 people aged about 33 years. The first and second dealt with the tasks causing emotive memories. In the first case it was about something socially significant in the second — about some individual experience of childhood, typical of a generation of subjects, and therefore easy to understand. The third group again, doing something emotionally neutral.