Chinese tourist picked up deadly poisonous octopus and was not injured

Chinese tourist picked up deadly poisonous octopus and was not injured

But the fact that he could kill him, did not know.

Even the most cute and, at first glance, harmless creatures can carry a mortal danger. Completely forgotten about it one Chinese tourist who traveled to Australia.

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Walking along the beach, he noticed near the shore of a small octopus and immediately took it in hand to take a closer look at. The Chinese also took the baby to the camera, and the video published in the social network. Tourists are not confused by aggressive coloring of the clam with bright blue rings. And for good reason.

In comments to the video showed up knowing people who were horrified by what they saw. The little octopus from the movie proved to be deadly to humans sincerity octopus.

This mollusc has a nerve poison capable of for a few minutes to kill 26 people.

By the way, the antidote of this substance still exists. So a Chinese tourist who apparently were not even aware of the danger, extraordinarily lucky. At the end of the movie, he released the octopus back into the water, and in the comments wrote that he was cute.

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