Abnormal frosts have paralyzed the Midwest USA: photos

Abnormal frosts have paralyzed the Midwest USA: photos

The strongest frost struck much of the territory of the United States. The lowest temperature observed in the Midwest of the country, where the thermometer dropped to -30 degrees Celsius.


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Frost was hardest hit States of North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois. In Chicago, the temperature reached a record low of -33 degrees in North Dakota recorded a frost in -37 degrees.


In many U.S. cities closed schools, government offices and museums. Public transport is intermittent. According to the latest data, from-for frosts has killed at least eight people.


The state of Iowa suggest those who are out in the cold, to avoid deep breaths and less talk. Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel urged residents not to go outside unless absolutely necessary.


The largest U.S. airlines canceled nearly 1.8 thousand flights in the Midwest because of the cold weather. On Tuesday, the company United Continental cancelled about 80% of the flights out of O’hare airport in Chicago.


Chicago police warns of rising number of robberies: criminals deprive people of warm clothing, first expensive outerwear company Canada Goose.


The office of personnel management USA announced that due to adverse weather conditions, Federal employees can come to work with a three-hour delay or take unplanned time off.


Heavy snow with wind descended on the East coast of the US. The authorities in new York suggest residents to refrain from using private vehicles due to poor visibility on the roads.


Because of the snowfall has sharply increased the number of accidents on several highways in Pennsylvania and new York were formed traffic jams. Many drivers can’t start their cars in the frost.


Forecasters attributed the abnormal cold weather with a powerful Arctic cyclone. Scientists also say about the relation of extreme cold weather with global climate change.


The cold weather has affected nearly 250 million people in the US. With approximately 90 million Americans are faced with temperatures down to -17 degrees and below.