USA will steal and kill until they are stopped — Mikhail Delyagin

USA will steal and kill until they are stopped — Mikhail Delyagin

US against Venezuela do not behave like an extortionist, a terrorist, says the Director of the Institute of globalization problems Mikhail Delyagin. He stated this on 29 January in the program “Time will tell” on the First channel.


“We must not forget that the U.S. is the largest in the history of mankind a terrorist, he said. — Not an extortionist, and terrorist. Therefore, no laws and no rules, except the right of force, they do not exist in principle. This means that they will steal and kill until they come up against nuclear weapons. Or another force that can stop them. For Example, China”.

However, the reasoning why China’s reaction to events in Venezuela differs from the reaction of the Russian Federation, Delyagin said

“One should not compare absolute dollar amounts, and the amounts compared with the external investments and the size of the economy. They (the PRC — approx. IA REGNUM) in Venezuela invested significantly more than we do, but relative to the scale of their economies is much smaller. And their possible loss is much less than ours. Furthermore, China in its foreign policy steps, the public generally does not”.

Recall, as reported IA REGNUM, the U.S. government has provided the speaker of the National Assembly of Venezuela Juan, Guido, who proclaimed himself President of the Bolivarian Republic, access to the accounts of the Venezuelan government in us banks.

“We encourage other governments to recognize Juan, Guido acting President and take similar steps to protect the heritage of Venezuela from further theft by the corrupt Maduro regime,” — said in a statement the US State Department.