Scammers have found a new way to steal money from your card “savings Bank”

Scammers have found a new way to steal money from your card “savings Bank”

Social media users complain of a new kind of fraud in the name of “savings” and some “financial security”. The Scam is so simple that it caught all, experts warn. Regardless of income level or age.

How does it happen?

A sudden call, on the wire of the alleged “savings Bank” or a single financial security (she, by the way, does not exist in nature). You report suspicious debit and offer to cancel it. But first you need to check all your information, where you shopped, how much money.

That lure of scams?

  • The code from the SMS to confirm the transfer of money to them. Which serves as a “to cancel erroneous transaction”.

  • The code word the Bank card.
    “If the crooks have your passport details to them for card transactions is not enough code words, — explains Andrey lyushin, Deputy Chairman of the Board Loko Bank. Some credit institutions in the presence of the word ready on the phone to provide data about account balances, transactions”.

Why fraudsters can believe?Newsof the Udmurt Republic fraudsters tricked the pensioner, vowing to invest her savings in bitcoins

  • They roll in on you names, surnames and positions, as if from a horn of plenty. It inspires confidence.

  • The call comes from a landline, and these are often from banks. For example, +74950188621, +74953633149 — the real number of speculators.

  • In conversation the emphasis is on the word “security,” which “Bank” is supposed to provide. Who doesn’t love security?

  • The fraudsters know about you very much. On the phone they can call you by your full name and passport data.

Where did the scammers personal information?

“Passport data can be programmatically copied from the internal database sites that collect information but do not protect it, — explains Tatiana Golubovskaya, a representative of ROCIT. — It can be the online gaming sites, win-win lotteries, Dating sites.”