Guido, forbidden to leave the country and to use accounts

Guido, forbidden to leave the country and to use accounts

The Supreme court of Venezuela has banned the self-proclaimed President Huang Guido to leave the country and blocked all his Bank accounts on the territory of the Republic. This was announced by the President of the court, Maikel Moreno on Twitter.


The court made such decision at the request of the chief Prosecutor of Venezuela, Tarek Saab. He said that the Prosecutor General’s office launched an investigation into anti-government activities, Guido. The ban on travel and freezing Bank accounts until the end of the investigation.

The Prosecutor’s office and the Supreme court support the elected President Nicolas Maduro.

Earlier, the Parliament of Venezuela, consisting mainly of the opposition, accused the current authorities in an attempt to take out about 20 tons of gold to Russia. The opposition demanded from the Bank of Venezuela to explain what happens to the gold reserves of the country.

January 29, the U.S. government has provided Guide access to the accounts of the Venezuelan government in us banks. He can control the assets held in the accounts of the Federal reserve Bank of new York or any other banks with insured deposits.

Juan Guido proclaimed himself interim President of Venezuela during a mass protest in Caracas on January 23. His authority was acknowledged by the President of the United States Donald trump, as well as the authorities of Argentina, Canada, Peru, Colombia and other countries. Russia refused to do so.

Then President-elect Nicolas Maduro accused the U.S. of attempting coup. He broke off all diplomatic relations with the us government and gave the country 72 hours to leave Venezuela.

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