Abe called the condition of the establishment of us bases in the Kuriles

Abe called the condition of the establishment of us bases in the Kuriles

MOSCOW, 29 Jan — RIA Novosti. In the case of the transfer of the southern Kuril Islands to Japan, the placement of American military bases will be possible only with the consent of Tokyo, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


The politician said that the United States have the right to place its military facilities in Japan.

“However, the location must be agreed with the Japanese government,” Kyodo quoted Abe. Thus, according to the Agency, the Prime Minister evaded journalists ‘ questions about the discussion with Moscow.

Abe noted that comments on this bill “may adversely affect the course of negotiations.”Newsof the Talks between Putin and Abe on the Kuril Islands ended without results

Earlier, Japanese media reported that Abe promised Putin not to host American bases on the Islands in case of transmission. In early January, the commander of us forces in Japan, Lieutenant General Jerry Martinez also stressed that the US does not plan to place armed forces on these Islands.

The problem of a peace Treaty

Russia has repeatedly stressed that at the conclusion of a peace Treaty with Japan is very important security issues. In particular, Moscow is concerned about plans to deploy in Japan, the U.S. missile defense system. So, President Vladimir Putin stressed that he does not believe ABOUT the US defensive weapons, since these systems operate synchronously in a complex with a strike complexes.