Why do politicians build of a clown and how to laugh

Why do politicians build of a clown and how to laugh

Laughter is not always a reaction to jokes, laughter may be very different. About the role and functions of laughter in our daily lives and in politics, says Professor of cognitive neuroscience at University College London Sophie Scott.

The words of the President of the United States Donald trump about what his administration was the most effective in the history of the country in the UN was greeted with laughter. Trump has admitted that he did not expect such a reaction, but considers it normal.

This is one example of how many different reasons make us laugh. Although most often we’re not laughing at a good joke, and not because someone very funny or amusing.

Laughter is one way of building social and emotional ties. We are 30 times more likely to laugh if we are not alone, and almost not laughing alone.

Laughter is an ancient universal reaction, which is typical not only for humans. Laughter exists in many animals, including primates and even rats.

When rats play with each other, they emit a characteristic squeak, which scientists liken to a laugh. This sound serves as a signal that they’re just playing, and not show aggression.

Even if rats are able to show such a reaction, it is not surprising that people use laughter in a very different situation.

For example, we use laughter to create and maintain social ties. We laugh when we want to show that we understand each other. Also laughter is a sort of indicator that helps to separate friend from foe.

Laughter as a means of social and emotional control is very effective, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that laughter is used by people both in personal and in social life. Laughter is a political tool.

Why we laughLaughter spontaneous non-verbal way of expressing emotions, such as screams or crying.

The sounds we emit while laughing are very similar to those that make primates during the game.

Unlike speech, during laughter our tongue, jaw and lips hardly moving. This guttural sound more like a bellowing primates than to human speech.

Scientists still can’t answer the question of why we produce this sound. Maybe because it’s one of the easiest ways to “make their voice heard”.

Our ability to use laughter changes with age, but generally we are born with the ability to laugh at blind and deaf children also laugh when they are tickled.Laughter in politicsNewsLavrov “greeted” with an annoying MIC

Comedians and clowns, can be said to have licensed to to amuse us, but many other public personalities in their purposes, using the ability to entertain the audience.

So, Russian officials criticized the fact that they instead respond to criticism and accusations, I prefer to make fun of opponents. For example, when the world was waiting for Russia’s reaction to the poisoning as a novice in Salisbury.