The longest experiment brought the first results

The longest experiment brought the first results

How long the earth bacteria can exist in suspended animation in the form of a dispute? To answer this question attempted an international group of microbiologists from the UK, Germany and the USA. Well, more precisely, they are on the path, probably promising answer to someone once.

In 2014, scientists began to experiment, which today promises to be the longest in history. The spores of the bacteria Bacillus subtilis, known for its vitality, was sealed in a few hundred silicone beakers and left to wait.

In the first 24 years, scientists will uncover several vessels every two years and to assess the viability of spores. A quarter of a century the frequency of measurements will change — vessels will be opened once in 25 years.

The experiment was completed 500 years after the start — 2514 year.

Of course, this will happen if mankind will be alive, future scientists for the patient, and the Earth will fly the celestial axis.

You also cannot exclude the possibility that future scientists will figure out a way to do the same quickly. But, they can and will fail.

While 400 vessels waiting in the wings in a different, not suitable for life on earth, conditions — one chilled to -80 degrees, while others pumped the air, the atmosphere of third composition and pressure reminiscent of the Martian, etc.

The results of the first autopsy sealed beakers show that bacterial spores does not show loss of viability. Let’s see what will happen next.

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