Reporters saw in Notepad, Bolton “5000 soldiers in Colombia”

Reporters saw in Notepad, Bolton “5000 soldiers in Colombia”

The announcement of the sanctions against Venezuelan PDVSA at a briefing in the White house, the US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton did with a notebook in hand, in which journalists saw the words: “5000 soldiers in Colombia”. The first sentence of the entry reads “Afghanistan — welcome to the negotiations,” according to CBSNews.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Colombia, Carlos Holmes stated that he did not know why the Notepad Bolton could appear like the entry, reports The Associated Press. The foreign Minister of Colombia said that his country continued to use “political and diplomatic means” to Venezuela was restored the democratic order and held new elections.

At the Columbia 1370 miles (2,200 km) border with Venezuela. Bogota recognized Juan, Guido acting President of Venezuela on the same day after its announcement.

The White house asked to comment on the record, Bolton said: “As the President said, all options are on the table”.

Earlier, Bolton warned that the use of force against Guido or the national Assembly (Parliament) will cause “significant response” from the United States.

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