Died the lone duck in the world named Trevor

Died the lone duck in the world named Trevor

Condolences have been expressed by the new Zealand Parliament.

A Drake named Trevor, the only duck in the small island nation of Niue and is probably the lonely duck in the world, died this weekend, said in a statement on the website of Trevor on Facebook. The story also tells the AFP news Agency.

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Niue island is 2.4 thousand kilometers to the North-East of New Zealand, it lives of 1,600 people, annually it is visited by about 9 thousand tourists. Niue is a coral island, it has no ponds or swamps, and it was not until the appearance of ducks one male, who is believed to have got there with a storm from New Zealand. Drake, who was named Trevor in honor of the speaker of the new Zealand Parliament Trevor Mallard (mallard word in the English language referred to as wild ducks), settled in a puddle in the road, which is regularly replenished by the local fire Department.

Trevor became famous after it learned of the hotels on the island editor, New Zealand Herald, which someone said “turn right at the duck,” explaining the way somewhere. It turned out that Trevor is really the only duck on the island.