American accidentally threw a mug son with a large sum inside

American accidentally threw a mug son with a large sum inside

Now she’s trying to get her back.

A resident of the city of Conyers Lindsay Preiss became a star of the local media because of his love for the purity.

In late January, the woman decided to conduct a General cleaning in the house and got really into it and got to the room her 27-year-old son Devon, who now lives separately.

Along with old magazines and clothes in a box of “junk” and got a children’s mug with Mickey mouse.

All of this stuff, Lindsay took it to a non-profit organization Goodwill, which sells things second-hand, and the money gives to charity.

The woman was very proud of his act, but just a few days. After all, when Devon returned home, he started looking for the very Cup with Mickey mouse.

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As it turned out, the guy sold his car and helped her 6,5 thousand dollars. Since it was Sunday and the banks were not working, the cash he decided to hide in his parents ‘ house in the safest place in his nursery in the same travel mug. Who could have known that his mother decides to give him a thorough cleaning.

When Lindsay realized what happened, she immediately rushed to correct the situation and contacted the employees of Goodwill in the hope that mug is still in their warehouse. But it was too late — she had someone bought it.

After that, the American wrote a detailed post on Facebook and contacted a local TV. She hopes that the new owner of the mug will be a decent person and return the money to them. Of course, in response, she offers a great financial reward. However, over the past few days, no one responded.

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