Women in the Middle East have found a place where can go away in a breakaway

Women in the Middle East have found a place where can go away in a breakaway

What party throwing women from conservative countries, in a fairly liberal Lebanon, in the material “Tape.ru”.

In the West, had a hard stereotype against middle Eastern women: they don’t smoke, don’t drink, going in a burqa to have many children, and day and night think only about how to please her husband. Once it was, but now the situation is different. Girls are traveling around the world and more emancipirana. And even if in their country they behave exemplary, it is possible that, barely leaving the country, her and her friends take off scarves, uncork a bottle of champagne and arrange untethered party the envy of European peers.

The capital of debauchery

“Many girls from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, arrive in Beirut with friends for a bachelorette party. The capital of Lebanon not for nothing called the “Monaco of the Arab world”, “the pearl of the Middle East”. Here everything is possible”, — he began his story one of the compatriots on behalf of Mehdi, Lebanon, he lived for more than twenty years.

According to him, in order to throw a party, young women for big money to hire a Villa or fancy hotel, or a REP bar. To drive through the streets of the city, rent an expensive car — this is usually a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

They can hang out in bars, drinking champagne, a bottle of which cost over $ 500.

In the heart of Beirut is not as such clubs male strippers, but when throwing a private party and want to break away, can and of strippers to call. If guys want to earn extra money, why not? But even here there are a closed society Swingers. There are a lot of things, but what is outside the norms of sexual ethics, by all means hide, he continued to describe the Lebanese capital.

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The struggle for the rights of minorities

In the Mecca of nightlife and parties Beirut has turned into the mid-1990s. Many people believe that the level of liberality of the reigning there, he will give odds to tel Aviv or another Israeli town.

In the Lebanese capital, there are bars and clubs for any taste. So, for example, there are plenty of establishments for members of the LGBT community.

In the city there are whole streets which are special bars and clubs.

On the one hand, local gays and lesbians were prohibited to walk on streets holding hands. There is also a ban on “unnatural sexual relations (in the opinion of the Lebanese, we are talking about relationships between people of the same sex)” for the breach of which provided for up to one year in prison. However, the authorities look the other way. Nothing prevents people to have fun. In may last year, the country held its first gay pride parade, which was visited by 400 people. The procession lasted over two hours.

Iranian women are Syrian and especially love to party in the bar B 018, equipped on the site of the former air-RAID shelters. Someone goes to a nightclub, located in the open air, with a huge balcony overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

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“I asked the taxi driver to stop me somewhere on the street of Mar Mikhael. There can be cool to pass the time. In most bars it is better to book a table. We arrived there at eight o’clock, in the school. After a couple of hours the club was Packed to capacity all around such beautiful and elegant — flirting, Smoking, drinking cocktails and detached rock in the Heath Last Night a DJ Saved My Life”, — shared his impressions of one American.

Not quite a Muslim country