On the missing captain of the ship “Nord”

On the missing captain of the ship “Nord”

SIMFEROPOL, January 28 — RIA Novosti. The captain of the fishing vessel “Nord” Vladimir Gorbenko held in Ukraine, were missing, said the lawyer Maxim Mogil’nitskii.

“According to relatives, on Saturday around noon, Vladimir disappeared from home and no one since then has not seen. To communicate with family and counsel, the captain comes out,” wrote Mogil’nitskii on his page in Facebook.

According to his lawyer, Gorbenko disappears not for the first time.

“In April of 2018 captain directly from the vessel “Nord”, who was detained in the port of Mariupol, was kidnapped by employees of the security Service of Ukraine. Then, however, his whereabouts lawyers became known for, five hours later,” he said.

The lawyer expressed hope that the captain is alive and well.

“Rid myself of anxious thoughts about possible provocations on the part of law enforcement or members of radical organizations. Because this is just beyond reasonable,” said Mogil’nitskii.

The Detention Of “Nord”

Crimean ship “Nord” under Russian flag detained in sea of Azov on 25 March. All crew members were Russian passports, but said they consider them Ukrainian citizens. Two sailors managed to return to the Crimea via Belarus, seven was removed from the flight to Minsk.

The ship’s captain was charged with “violating the procedure of entry in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and departure from it with the purpose of causing harm to the interests of the state”, to it threatens till five years of imprisonment.

Later, seven crew members of “Nord” were exchanged for seven Ukrainian sailors.

Case Gorbenko Obolonskiy district court of Kiev should consider the 1 Feb.