In social networks launched a search assistant for recluse Agafia Lykova

In social networks launched a search assistant for recluse Agafia Lykova

MOSCOW, January 28 — RIA Novosti, Irina Halecky. In social networks organized a spontaneous search of a friend to taiga recluse Agafia Lykova — for several decades, she lives on a settlement in the Republic of Khakassia.

About unusual jobs told Altai photographer Svetlana Casinos: needed a woman with “steel rod”, for which the rural way of life — a usual thing and that is not afraid of the “naturalness of the universe in the wild”. However, the reaction to the ad in social networks was so ambiguous that the search has been called off.

“Don’t be afraid of silence”

Agatha recently asked his girlfriend. Well, as a friend — rather a helpmate or a novice. Lykov — difficult woman: a very peculiar character, plus the habit of solitude, an unconventional way of life based on the preservation of family traditions, which she carries in her so deeply that it is already at the gene level, not the habits.Svetlana Casinator

Casino said that this position is exclusively for village women, knowing what your house, not afraid of the lack of electricity, heating and water supply. In addition, it should be easy to perceive the striking silence, love wild nature and loneliness, and most importantly — God.

However, it is not necessary to move into the forest forever, adds the initiator of the search by: views Svetlana, quite a period of five years — so much lasted near Agafia “novice” Hope.

It’s about Hope, the Mustache (in the past Nebutinai), once settled in a secluded Lykova. Usyk repeatedly gave interviews to journalists and bloggers. She told me that at the time when he made this decision, was in severe depression. Initially, Hope wanted to leave the monastery, but a spiritual mentor suggested to test himself in the forest.

Novice Lykova helped on the farm, but after five years, when the mother sent her a letter asking to return, gone with the squatting. According to the memoirs of the Tendril, Lykov didn’t let her, even several years offended.

When Hope lived in the forest, the hermit came the naturalist Sergey Usik — he also helped with the housework. Then Sergey and Nadezhda got married. She still maintains relationships with Lykova. The RIA Novosti correspondent was able to talk briefly with a former nun: “Now Agatha needs assistance, namely the woman who will be by her side and pray on the farm to help.” To say anything else she was gone.