A strange hybrid of a worm and a lizard found in Mexico (video)

A strange hybrid of a worm and a lizard found in Mexico (video)

The creature lives underground and rarely comes to the surface.

In the Internet appeared the video, which depicted a very strange creature with the body of the worm and two front paws and snout of a lizard.

Incredibly rare Mexican mole lizard pic.twitter.com/aQOPl634Hc

— Internet Palace (@InternetPalace) 27 Jan 2019.

Users began to wonder who it could be, but agreed that this kid looks harmless and even cute.

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In the comments of the experts explained that the strange worm-lizard is iolat.

Species of reptiles from the family of donehow that live in Mexico. They have only two legs, and their body length can be over 20 inches.

Most of my life, these reptiles are under the earth, and crawl out to the surface only at night or during heavy rains. Ajolote feed on ants and termites, their main enemies are snakes.

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