Revealed the source of the messages about the soldiers of Russian PMCs in Venezuela

Revealed the source of the messages about the soldiers of Russian PMCs in Venezuela

Information about the receipt of the order “for the protection of “people first” was obtained from one of the soldiers of PMC.


The head of Committee of all-Russian officers ‘ Assembly, the ataman of the Cossack society “Khovrino” Evgeny Shabayev has told RBC about the source of information about Russian soldiers sent to Venezuela to protect the President Nicolas Maduro.

According to Shabayev, 21 Jan turned to him for help soldier of a private military company who is responsible for the protection of the first persons. He said that he entered an urgent order in which you want to gather a group and go where the soldier did not know. The next day the ataman called a relative of the soldier and confirmed the fact that the guys arrived in Havana and put them on the flight. The woman asked Shabaeva relations in international journalistic circles to figure out where they are then tossed.

Shabaev said that he applied this information to Reuters to find out “where the people all gone, and where in the future they could throw”. Later, the chieftain saw the message that confirmed the facts that in Venezuela, “saw Russian citizens to study directly with Maduro”.

Shabaev said that in Venezuela, the Russians went on the two Charter boards. However, he found it difficult to name the exact number of people.

Earlier, Western media reported that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro will protect Russians from the PMC.

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