In Russia, the “military departments” were replaced by “military centers”

In Russia, the “military departments” were replaced by “military centers”

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about renaming of the military departments, the relevant document published on the official portal of legal information.

“”Military faculties (departments), in educational organization of higher education” to replace “military training centers at Federal public educational institutions of higher education”,” reads the text of the decree. The document comes into force on 31 January this year.

The structure of military training, there are 87 Russian universities. They train officers and sergeants at the dozens of military specialties. In June the Deputy Russian defense Minister Nikolai Pankov announced the Ministry’s intention to open six more centres of military training until the end of 2018.

Vladimir Putin in August of 2018 has signed the law on the abolition of military departments in universities. They were replaced by military training centers, which will become the single units of military training.

Under the new scheme, future officers, sergeants, petty officers, and military engineers will be for one academic day a week to leave the school for military training in specialized centers. After successful completion of training they, as now, students of military departments, will be able to receive the documents of the military reserve.