In India 300 crocodiles looking for a new home because of the tourists

In India 300 crocodiles looking for a new home because of the tourists

Indian officials have begun to relocate about 300 crocodiles from the reservoir near the highest statue in the world, to provide a service of seaplanes for the visitors, writes “bi-Bi-si”

A three-meter reptile lured into a metal cage and sent to the new settlement in the Western state of Gujarat. Already about a dozen crocodiles were transported in the back of pickups.

India relocates crocodiles at world’s tallest statue in Gujarat

— BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) January 26, 2019.

Animal rights activists have criticized the local authorities for violations of wildlife law.

182-metre high statue of independence hero Sardar Patel Vallabhbhai was opened in October last year. It is almost twice the statue of Liberty in new York.

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Bronze sculpture, located about 200 km from the main city of the state Ahmedabad, has become a popular attraction among tourists. However, the majority of tourists reach the place known as the “Statue of Unity”, on the bus, because the trains do not go in this direction.

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