Trump temporarily ended the shutdown in the US

Trump temporarily ended the shutdown in the US

The President signed a budget for three weeks to restore the work of the government.

The US President Donald trump on Friday made concessions to the Democrats and signed a temporary budget to restore the work of the government, halting the record duration 35-day shutdown — the cessation of the work of the Federal agencies because of lack of funding. The budget signed on for three weeks until February 15. It is expected that this time will be used to negotiate long-term budget.

In the United States for more than a month did not work the Federal government for lack of funding. Trump has refused to sign the budget by 2019, while it does not take into account funds in the amount of $5.7 billion to build the wall with Mexico, and the Democrats in Congress refused to allocate the funds.

The main question that led to the shutdown remain unresolved.

Trump plans to start construction of a wall on the border, regardless of the position of the Democrats after the interim budget, said the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders. “After 21 days, the President will proceed to the construction of the wall, with the Democrats or without them. The only question to decide is whether they want the Democrats to get something or nothing,” Sanders wrote on Twitter.

Sam trump does not believe that he made concessions to Democrats, agreeing to accept the interim budget without the requested funding to them on the boundary wall. “It is in any case was not a concession,” wrote trump on Twitter. “It was concern about the millions of people who greatly harmed the shutdown — and Podrazumevana that after 21 days, if there is no signed deal, the fun will start again!” — the President added.