The Russian foreign Ministry commented on U.S. efforts for the democratization of Venezuela

The Russian foreign Ministry commented on U.S. efforts for the democratization of Venezuela

Moscow. 26 Jan. INTERFAX.RU Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova believes that the statement of US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on the establishment of a post responsible for the actions of the US to restore democracy in Venezuela is interference in the internal Affairs of this country.


“This is an attempt by Washington to impose direct control of the political situation in Venezuela, which the American establishment considers as its future regional vassal,” wrote Zakharova in Facebook.

“Democracy in Iraq “restored”, too, in Libya, in Syria, are unable, or rather they were not given. Now Venezuela,” she added.

21 January in Caracas was an attempted mutiny, an organized group of employees of the National guard in one of the capital’s barracks. After this incident, the Supreme court of Venezuela was removed from the post of President of the National Assembly opposition leader Juan Guido. In response, he urged residents of Caracas and other cities of Venezuela to go to the protest.

A few days later in Venezuela saw mass anti-government protests. January 23, Guido proclaimed himself interim President of the country.

Almost immediately after this, the United States, Canada, most of Latin America, as well as several other States have officially recognized Guido interim President of Venezuela. The US President Donald trump said that the people of Venezuela “courageously voted” against “the regime” Maduro, demanding “freedom” and “rule of law”.

In response, Maduro announced the decision to break off diplomatic and political relations with the United States. In turn, Guido released a statement which said that invites all foreign diplomats to remain in Venezuela.