The Chinese foreign Minister urged all countries to speak out against the persecution business

The Chinese foreign Minister urged all countries to speak out against the persecution business

BEIJING, January 26 — RIA Novosti. Political manipulation clearly distinguishable in the situation of Huawei, where in the absence of any evidence to pressure, they use unsubstantiated excuses and state power, all countries should resist such harassment businesses, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of China Wang I.

“Truth and lie in this situation can be seen quite clearly, in the absence of any evidence of use of the power of the state to slander and pressure on certain companies, it is immoral and unfair,” — said the Minister, whose words are on the Agency’s website.

He added that “such actions are even more unacceptable, given that behind them is the obvious political calculation and manipulation”.

“I believe that all countries should be extremely vigilant against such unjustifiable acts and psychological harassment and to provide them with a resolute opposition”, — said Wang Yi

According to him, all governments should provide companies with honest, fair and transparent business environment, and decisions about the existence and development of enterprises must be based on the conditions of market competition.

“Undoubtedly, every country has the right to protect their information security, but not under the pretext of protecting security to find imaginary reasons to damage the legitimate commercial activities of enterprises”, — said Wang Yi

Scandal over Chinese firm Huawei erupted last year, when Canada in the U.S. was detained by the chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou on suspicion of violation of U.S. trade sanctions against Iran. The Chinese foreign Ministry made representation and protested as Canada and the United States.

This case caused considerable damage and led to a cooling in relations of Canada and China, where he was taken into custody two canadian citizen on suspicion of involvement in activities threatening the national security of China.